The Countdown II: Still Counting
Kermit's Treme Mother in Law Lounge
1500 N Claiborne Ave
1 Event

Its THE COUNTDOWN II: Still Counting, these ball bearing balls steel bouncing, these mulberry calls echoes the halls of still mountains, I'm erratic that I found them, or they found me, come watch an amazing creation, something astonishing, it'll be a hell of show I'm promising, 4 comics, 3 poets, 2 musical artist & 1 visual, 10 individuals, doing something a tad bit difficult, come catch a good time, or f☆ck you, feel miserable! 😁 May 17th @ Kermit Ruffins 9pm
$5 admission

Corey Mack
Ashleigh Branch
Byron Broussard
Comedian Jfunny

Michael J Seaberry
May Royal
Con Sibley

Musical artist.
Jae Harmonee
Derek Antoine Lee

Visual artist
Kiazer Sylve


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