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For Visiting Comics

Thinking about coming through New Orleans to do some comedy? Hell yeah! It's always a good time here. In fact, there's so much to do here that we put together a list of the places us locals like to go and places we like to tell visitors to go check out. Also, please, try to find someone to stay with here. Most of us have space to put up a couple comics. Please do not use AirBNB in New Orleans. It's a long story, but basically, it's killing the ability for anyone to afford housing and is ruining our neighborhoods. We'll find you a couch or a bed or an air mattress that won't fuck up our economy.

Looking for bookings? Check out this list to see who to contact for shows!

All Eat Drink See



3 Legged Dog

400 Burgundy St. (bur-GUN-dee) in French Quarter
Open 24hrs, and featuring 2-for-1 drink specials ALL DAY. And nightly crawfish boils during crawfish season (spring time)
Tags: crawfish24rs


Black Penny

700 N Rampart St. in French Quarter
Right on the edge of the Quarter near Armstrong Park. Tons of craft beer selections, reasonably priced, with a knowledgable staff. On the same block as Voodoo Lounge if you're there for I'm Listening.
Tags: craft beer

Dive Bar

Boondock Saint

731 St. Peter St. in French Quarter
Full disclosure: two cops own this bar, but it's fine. It's a dive bar named after the movie (which they play on loop 24hrs a day). Drink's are fairly cheap considering it's 1 block off Bourbon St. When someone drags me to Bourbon St., this is a nice little oasis from the bullshit.


Brieux Carre (BROO car-AY)

2115 Decatur St. in French Quarter
Relatively new nano-brewery. They kinda go experimental with their beers. Beers are crisp and tasty. Every other Saturday, catch All Jokes Aside.
Tags: craft beertour


Killer Poboys

811 Conti St. in French Quarter
Tucked into the back of the bar Erin Rose in the Quarter, they serve up some unique and delicious poboys. Glazed pork belly, Jameson grilled cheese, plus classics like fried shrimp.
Tags: poboysandwich

Dive Bar

Molly's at the Market

1107 Decatur St. in French Quarter
A go-to spot for a lot of us, especially after Comedy Fuck Yeah at the Dragon's Den. Decent drinks, decently priced. They have a back bar that is technically in a courtyard thanks to a retracting roof, so it's the only bar you can kinda smoke in. Get a frozen Irish coffee. Great way to beat the heat
Tags: dive bar


Pharmacy Museum

514 Chartres St. (CHART-urz) in French Quarter
This place is weird and interesting. It's got a bunch of old medical equipment and explainations of old shcool medicine. You can walk through yourself or there's a guided tour at 1pm. Benjamin didn't specifically recommend being high here, but it'd probably be tight. Admission: $5. Hours: Tues - Sat, 10am - 4pm. No guided tour Saturdays.
Tags: museumtourhigh


Pirate's Alley

622 Pirate's Alley in French Quarter
Grab you some absinthe and catch a view of the Cabildo and St. Louis Cathedral


St. Lawrence

219 N. Peters St. in French Quarter
Food's good here, and so are all the cocktails, but the star is the Pimm's Cup daiquiri. It's just a frozen Pimm's Cup and it's perfect for a New Orleans summer and walking the Quarter. Cash only.
Tags: specialty drink


Verti Marte

1201 Royal St in French Quarter
If you're in the area and drunk and need food, this is the spot. You might have to wait a bit, but it's worth it. Eat that shit on the sidewalk outside with the other drunk idiots. They don't fuck around in here though, so just order your food and move on.
Tags: drunklatenight eats24hrssandwich


Vieux Carre Pizza (VOO car-AY)

733 St. Louis St. in French Quarter
It's adequate pizza. Sold by the slice, too. Perfect for stumbling through the Quarter and needing some grease to sop up all the poison you poured in yourself.
Tags: pizzalatenight eatsdrunk