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Thinking about coming through New Orleans to do some comedy? Hell yeah! It's always a good time here. In fact, there's so much to do here that we put together a list of the places us locals like to go and places we like to tell visitors to go check out. Also, please, try to find someone to stay with here. Most of us have space to put up a couple comics. Please do not use AirBNB in New Orleans. It's a long story, but basically, it's killing the ability for anyone to afford housing and is ruining our neighborhoods. We'll find you a couch or a bed or an air mattress that won't fuck up our economy.

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1940 Dauphine St. in Marigny
Southern-style breakfast, with chicken and waffles being a favorite.
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1430 N. Dorgenois St. (DOR-jen-wah) in 7th Ward
Coffee's good here and the breakfast tacos are perfect hangover food. Benjamin Hoffman works here, so he'll probably get you a discount fi you're not a dick about it.
Tags: breakfastcomic employeehangover
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